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The „Foundation for the Up-to-Date Equipment of the Tokaji Ferenc Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Tokaj” provided an application for the „EGT and Norvegian Financal Mechanism (2004-2009), 4th seeded: Human resources development through, inter alia, promotion of education and training, strengthening of administrative or public service capacities of local government or its institutions as well as democratic processes, which support it” in october, 2007.

The FMO find our project concept to work out in details, se we peresented our detailed application in April, 2008. It’s title is „The introduction of a model waste management vocational training programme in the Tokaji Ferenc Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola based ont he Norwegian model”.

On 23th, April, 2009, „The Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs” made a positiv supporting decision!
The project owner signed the Direct Agreement Contract with the FMO on November, 2009.. (It’s registration number is  0096/NA/2008-3/ÖP-4)

Dear Visitor!

We would like to show our project details in the menues the quoted below: 

 1. Short summary of the project

 2. Details of the support

 3. Introduction of the project owner

 4. Objectives of the project

 5. Description of the partners

 6. Services and activities coming by the project

 7. Schedule of the project implementation

 8. Articles from the press

 9. Pictures of execution

 10. Brochures of the Projekt

 11. Opening conference video

 12. Closing Conference video

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