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Short summary of the project

In the course of the project the applicant, the “Foundation for the Well-equipped Tokaji Ferenc Secondary School” co-operating with its partners undertakes to take over and adapt the practice-oriented Norwegian model for vocational training. The main applicant implements the adaptation of the Norwegian vocational training in the “Waste Management Environmentalist Technician” vocational training (registration number in The Hungarian National Register 54 850 01 010 54 02) stated to be suppletory and essential in the Hungarian National Register of Vocational Trainings. 

To launch the waste management environmentalist technician vocational training the main applicant has to establish newly allocated premises: two professional laboratories situated in the basement of the building of the Tokaji Ferenc Secondary Grammar and Secondary Vocational School: one an “environmental technology measurement room” and secondly a “waste analytical laboratory”, where the practical training of waste management experts can take place. The establishment of the professional laboratories demands efforts in the fields of building engineering and modernisation of equipment. The environmental technology measurement room and the waste analytical laboratory are suitable for the complex analysis of samples of soil, water, air and waste.
Besides the establishment of the laboratories, experts prepare teaching materials: a handbook for practical training of the environmental and waste analysis plus a multimedia DVD. To realise them, the exchange of expertise with the Norwegian partner is vitally important.
For the effective take over of the Norwegian model the two specialists working on the elaboration of the teaching material study the Norwegian vocational training model on the spot and then they adapt it to fit the Hungarian education system. The teaching materials are to be expounded with the assistance of Norwegian specialists who travel to Hungary and with their suggestions they council and help the applicant launch and maintain successfully the new form of vocational training.
The implementation of the project takes place in four stages. After the procedure of the public procurement (stage 1) the necessary building engineering work is to be done in the basement of the school (stage 2). These phases are followed by the furnishing and to supply the laboratories with equipment and professional instruments (stage 3). In the fourth phase the teaching materials are made, the laboratories are opened formally and the vocational training is started

During the whole project the main applicant puts emphasis on providing publicity to it and in doing so publishes informative brochures, organises professional conferences and refresher trainings, furthermore, keeps the local and regional press informed about the application, highlighting the fact that the vocational training is based on Norwegian model and it is exemplary in Hungary.
Besides the professional training the main applicant and the specialists taking part in the implementation of the project undertake the development of environmental consciousness of all our students, which for sustainable development on the long term. 

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