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Introduction of the project owner

The responsible executor of the project is the Tokaji Ferenc Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola Korszerű Felszereléséért Alapítvány [“Foundation for the Up-to-Date Equipment of the Ferenc Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Tokaj”] that is a non-profit civil organization of public benefit founded by the teachers and partners of the Tokaji Ferenc Gimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium. The Local Government of Tokaj Town is one of the founder members. The person responsible for the project is Mrs Dr Dankó Kornélia Patkó, President of the advisory board.
With respect to the activity to be supported, the project owner is non-taxable with VAT, has no right of deduction and is exempt from taxes.

As a rule, the micro-region is characterised by a low-level industrialization, inadequate infrastructure and high unemployment rate. The objective of the economic measures of recent years (construction of motorways in the region) has been to make micro-regions lagging behind catch up with the more developed regions of Hungary.
The new school building was constructed in 1996 in the centre of Tokaj, with an attitude oriented towards education in the service of environmental and sustainable development. Since the new building was brought into use, vocational secondary-school training on environmental protection has been conducted, the municipal environment protection technician training programme being a part of it since 2000.
One of the medium-term and long-term pedagogical objectives of the institution is to adopt and launch marketable systems and structure of training. The basic idea of the present conception – namely, to launch an NQR Waste Management vocational training programme by the institution and its partners relying on the assets and resources of the Foundation – is in harmony with this. The applicant defined the elements of the development plan in cooperation with the subject teachers involved in the vocational training programme; the plan was checked by the management of the school, the body of representatives of the local government maintaining the school and the representatives of those economic operators who take an active part in the programme – their proposals were taken into consideration. Those involved supported the project plan unanimously.
The location of the planned project is the building of the Tokaji Ferenc Gimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium. The decision to implement the project in this location is based on the fact that the expert team and a part of the necessary infrastructure are available.

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