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Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project: To create the conditions needed to launch an NQR waste management vocational training programme in the Tokaji Ferenc Gimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium, while taking into consideration the elements of the successful Norwegian vocational training structure.

Sub-objectives of the project: To offer those interested in waste management a training programme that contributes to the development of the region’s waste management structure and environmental education. At the same time, it promotes the long-term preservation of the region’s natural landscapes, man-made environment and population retaining power by relying on an active involvement on the part of local communities and economic operators.

As an extensive result of the development, the school will be able to reach out to students and employees who are interested in environmental protection. The qualification level of operators carrying out waste management will improve and new jobs will be created; owing to re-training employees will find it easier to retain their jobs.

The new National Qualification Register enlisted the waste management training programme as a stop-gap programme that can first be launched in September 2008. Presently, the greatest defect of vocational training is due to the low standard of practical training. Our project offers a solution for this problem as well. Half of the practical training of those participating in the vocational training programme will be conducted at sites of innovative companies that perform waste management, while – as a result of the development realised – the preparatory practices will be carried out at the institution.

The “Manual on Environmental and Waste Analysis Exercises”, to be prepared, is a stop-gap book on the textbook market, for at the present moment the official textbook register contains no textbook on environmental analytics. A multimedia educational DVD, containing the digital version of the curriculum will be prepared as a supplement to the textbook.

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