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Schedule of the project implementation

The implementation of the project takes 20 months; this period is divided into 4 phases. For the activities to be performed in each phase, see the schedule below:

Phase I (April 2009 – December 2009)

      • conclusion of support contract

      • public procurement: a public procurement advisor with adequate experience is
        selected; the public procurements related to construction works and laboratory
        instruments are conducted.

      • project management: project elements are coordinated in terms of organisation,
         performance, scheduling and expertise.

      • Auditing activity:

Phase II (January 2010 – April 2010)

      • project management

      • construction activity: as of now, 60% of the architectural works are completed;
        floor concreting, plastering, building engineering installation (water, heating,
        electricity), flooring and tiling, electric light installation, installation of doors and
        windows, plasterboarding, painting, and the installation of fume extraction systems,
        ventilators and fixed furniture are yet to be done.

      • technical monitoring: the service is used to guarantee the successful and
        competent performance of construction works. The construction works are
        checked in accordance  with the relevant provisions of law and regulations.

      • securing publicity, Phase I: as defined by the support contract, a
         notice-board is installed, information is given to local and regional printed
         and digital media on a regular basis.

      • elaboration of a curriculum, Phase I: to ensure the adaptation of vocational
         examination requirements, a detailed list of subjects and a requirement system
         of each module are elaborated; in the process, the Norwegian practice and the
         experience of schools that are of a similar profile but attract students from other
         regions are relied on.

      • creation of a textbook, Phase I: the objective is to produce a textbook that
         contains the experiences of Hungarian and Norwegian waste management
         market actors as well as practice-oriented and relevant problems in an easily
         intelligible style, and can be used in secondary teaching.

      • creation of an educational DVD, Phase I: an educational programme that can
        be uploaded with unlimited data is created to provide assistance for students in
        learning and self-check.

      • auditing activity

Phase III (May 2010 – August 2010 )

      • project management

      • purchase of devices: the waste analysis and environmental technology
         laboratories are equipped with laboratory instruments;  the devices are 
         transported, installed, put into operation, tested, validated, and, finally, 
         included in the inventory. 

      • securing publicity, Phase II: information is given to local and regional
         printed and digital media on a regular basis.

      • elaboration of a curriculum Phase II

      • creation of a textbook Phase II

      • creation of an educational DVD Phase II

      • auditing activity

Phase IV (September 2010 – January 2011)

      • project management

      • securing publicity, Phase III: as defined by the support contract, a
         memorial plaque is installed, information is given to local and regional
         printed and digital media on a regular basis; an opening ceremony is
         organised in September and the closing ceremony will be in January.

      • creation of a textbook Phase III

      • creation of an educational DVD Phase III

      • auditing activity

project close
: the project is closed by 31 January 2011; the required tasks are carried out, final reports are compiled.

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